One of the most important pillars of the relationship is friendship and it is a proven fact. Remember the time when you first talk to a certain person and you have a good time in their company while parting you always say ‘let’s be friends’ and then start following each other on social media. But when you start developing a crush for him/her, you forget this very thing you said when you became friends. Here are 5 reasons it is important to be best friends before getting into a relationship: –

  1. Knowing front and back – One of the most important attributes of a strong friendship is that you have a trustful bond with your partner. You know each other likes and dislikes. You know about each other’s favourite food, colour, music, movies and many other things. This already keeps you one step ahead in your relationship.
  2. Skip being awkward – When you go on date for the first time officially as a couple, you become awkward and end up talking about weird things. In some cases, you don’t even know what you can talk about and both remain silent in that awkward phase. All this is eliminated if you already know him/her as a friend who doesn’t have to choose an appropriate topic to talk. The communication just goes on naturally.
  3. Facing challenges – As a couple, life may put you in tough times in countless situations. But you can deal with the problems together, hand in hand since you have already been through similar situations as friends. You know how to calm your partner if he/she is panicking. You know how to comfort each other.
  4. Free to be yourself – Many people try different approaches to impress their partner as they begin their relationship. But a pre-relationship friendship bond allows you to be the best of you. You understand that your partner already loves you for who you are and you don’t have to try to do anything special that might backfire.
  5. Reduced fights – Knowing your partner fittingly keeps you aware of the things that he hates. So, you avoid doing things that are offensive to your partner. Since you rarely offend each other, the chance of a fight is reduced. Also, if anything is bothering you about your lover, you can just talk it out as friends instead of keeping things bottled up which escalates into an argument.

So, these are the reasons that matter in a relationship and are solely based on friendship. So, hold your proposals a little longer and be a better friend first. So now the initial ‘let’s be friends’ phase doesn’t sound bad right?