Since all of us are staying confined in our homes during the global pandemic, it is common to feel interfered all the time and have arguments with your partner. So, to maintain the romance in your life, you have to do something but by following the rules and staying at home!! You can achieve that by having a movie night and spend a lovely time watching a romantic movie. Here is a list of movies that you can watch: –

  • A Star Is Born – This movie is outstanding and worth watching. This movie is about a struggling artist getting help and support from a successful musician who later fights with alcoholism and feels depressed and less of him.
  • Spring – This movie is about a man in his twenties who loses his job and his mother to cancer. He receives support from his friend and flies to Italy randomly to work on his life. He meets a young woman and shares a little liking with him but she has her own problems to deal with too.
  • The Shape Of Water – This is a story of a young beautiful woman who cannot speak and works at a government laboratory as a cleaning lady. The twist in the story occurs when she falls in love with an aquatic creature. This movie displays that love can come in any form and not just humans.
  • About Time – This movie is about a man named Tim, who learns from his father that he can time travel when he turns 21. He uses this ability to revisit his past and try to gain the love of his life. He does this repeatedly and improves his past mistakes in each attempt. It is a really interesting and exciting movie.
  • Silver Lining’s Playbook – After getting heartbroken by his wife, Pat attacks his wife’s lover and gets sent to a mental facility. He is released after 8 months and meets Tiffany in a bid to improve his life. Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, this movie is every bit of awesome.

Watch these movies with your lover and you should manage to maintain romance in your life. This will help reduce your flights and show your partner that you care about them.