Since many moms are working from home these days, it’s ideal to talk about the mistakes they make while working from home. Mom’s are the number one multitaskers, they handle their job, kids and household chores all at the same time while maintaining the relationship with husband and other relatives. Though they are good at multitasking, it’s important they don’t overlook their office responsibilities while working from home which is quite possible with kids running all around the house. Here are some mistakes that work from home mom’s make and should be avoided.

· Doing household chores during work hours

Working hours should be utilised to complete work only if you have free time during work hours, you can finish other pending work. Doing household chores during working hours are risky and can eat up all your time leading you to not finish your work before deadlines.

· Not setting a schedule

Setting the schedule is very important and also helpful to manage your activities. As a mother, you have to multi-task and thus setting a time table for your to-do list for the day can help you sort out your time and allot enough time to each task. At what time you should wake up to at what time you should sleep, schedule your entire day and stuck to it so that you don’t mess up.

· Not giving time for yourself

Amidst the work and household responsibilities, it’s necessary that you give enough time to self. Nurturing yourself, your mind and your body is equally important. Only when you are healthy can you perform so many activities daily. Therefore, save time for yourself when you can exercise, practice your hobbies or spend quality time with your family.

· Not teaching your older children to be independent

As your children grow up above 7 years of age, you slowly need to teach them to take responsibility. Teach them to clean their own room, to start studying on their own and take responsibility for their own actions. It’s important to teach your children to be independent early in their life. It helps them mature faster and helps you save a lot of time.

· You work only when your child is napping

Don’t work only when your child is napping. It’s ok to work when they are playing or just awake because there are not enough hours when they sleep and you are awake. They’ll grow knowing that your work is equally important as they are. If you don’t respect your work, your family won’t respect your work too.

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