Every relationship has some amount of lust in it. Any relationship is incomplete without physical attraction. Lust is defined as a psychological wanting, an extreme need to be physically connected to another person for a sexual bond. While it can be a bonus pointer that might make your relationship exciting, but it shouldn’t be the center of an individual’s romantic life.

Again lust, without love, is just an empty experience that can destroy a couple’s genuine connection and bonding, you should be aware of this force, and check if it is taking the driver’s seat in your life as a couple before it entirely takes control of you and your relationship.

 Here are a few tips you can follow to overcome lust in your relationship

Seek for love, not lust

Always try to differentiate between love and lust in a relationship. There is a thin line that divides both love and lust and makes sure you are aware of it and make wise decisions accordingly.

Don’t let physical zeals become the center of your relationship

Physical intimacy is important in a relationship but it shouldn’t overrule love completely. One must have a balance of love and lust in a relationship. If physical intimacy is becoming the center of the relationship you have to set some rules to control it.

Develop self-control

Self-control is the key to have a lust and love balance in a relationship. Having self-control ensures a long-lasting relationship with your partner without any harm or restrictions. Self-control will also help you stay committed and lots towards your partner.

Respect each other’s space

Always try to understand each other’s space of life, even after being in a relationship every person deserves to have each other’s space. You must trust your partner with the space you are giving them.

Do exciting things together

Do exciting new things together. Try to search for new things that can be done to enjoy your relationship and do those in order to satisfy your partner’s needs and wants.

Exercise and meditate together

Doing physical exercise or mediation together is a good way to have a great bond with each other. Sweating each other and setting some goals to be achieved by each other is really mandatory and feels good in itself. Mediation can help you get control over sex and to control your untold desires and keep you concentrated.

Discuss it with your partner

Discuss all your love and lust matter with your partner, it is considered healthy to do so. Discuss the wants and the needs of each other with respect to physical needs and lusty thoughts.

Keep it special

Sex between you and your partner should be a special thing to be carried out. Set up a mood someday and try to make it feel special to you, involve love in it.

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