Managing feelings can be intense and confounding, particularly towards the beginning of a relationship. At the point when you’re dating somebody, it’s confusing to mistake lust with love. Often it very well may be difficult to tell which feeling you’re encountering on the grounds that both feel truly astounding and they have enough resemblance. Both can make a sentiment of connection and exhilaration with your accomplice. However, regardless of how comparative they can feel, they’re unquestionably not something very similar. Lust is focusing only on physical appearance and sexual needs than emotional. When your relationship only revolves around sex, it is built on lust and not love. Love, on the contrary, is a strong feeling of affection and protectiveness toward someone. You deeply care about the person emotionally and become a friend first, then just being a sex partner.

Talking about happiness in both cases, it may seem very difficult to choose your option between both. Since being physical and sex is involved it is vague to say that lust does not provide happiness. When you are having a bad day, a simple kiss or a hug can change your mood from stressed to relaxed. A human mind is its own pleasure community during sex. Simply being truly close with another person is known to build levels of oxytocin; the “snuggle hormone”, in the brain, causing you to feel upbeat and safe. It makes you feel comfortable and satisfied and therefore happy. But happiness trough lust doesn’t last much longer. The desire to be physical with someone slowly fades and converts towards a different person. Depending on others to fulfil your lust and be happy is not only unhealthy but also very unethical.

When you express the same physical gestures, but this time with love, it gives more meaning to it. When you’re infatuated, your relationship with your accomplice is generally founded on intimacy, caring fascination and passionate connection. Sex is significant, however not the fundamental concept of your relationship. When in love, you centre more around becoming more acquainted with your accomplice and attempting to make each other truly joyous, along with your sexual appreciation for them. When you find love and then try to be physical, it gives you much more happiness than just following your aimless lust. Love and affection are the only true means to be happy and satisfied in a relationship.