There is a saying Cleanliness is next to godliness. Actually, it’s absolutely true. Cleaning the house is very important and making habit of it is much required. In Japanese, there are 5 S techniques, which gives step by step cleaning and rearranging things.

SORT, SEPERATE, SHINE, STANDARDISE, AND SUSTAIN. In this process, we have to sort things fast. Then separate the things by ensuring that which is required and which is not. Shine the things after rearranging in different ways of cleaning. Standardize the process and sustain it for a lifetime.

Also here we look at tips to clean the house faster.

Clean the whole house, not a room at a time. Make plans for cleaning the whole house at a time by doing dusting, vacuuming, mopping, not a single room. If you do one room at a time, you will feel like you’re doing endless cleaning. But if you do the whole house you will get satisfaction.

Clear the clutter.

As a primary step collect all clutter from the house at a time. And make decisions about what to be done to all clutter, like keeping, throwing, or gifting.

Gather all cleaning tools ready. Prior to cleaning keep ready all cleaning tools, so that you needn’t have to rush when actually start work.

Dust and vacuum. Turn off all electric equipment before doing dusting and vacuuming. Do all equipment dusting, including small things, and keep ready for further cleaning and mopping.

Make cleaning a group activity. Involve all family members when you plan cleaning of the whole house. Distribution of work needs to be done. Accordingly, every member will have separate tasks and responsibilities. Due to this cleaning will become easier and faster.