Suffering is not always external but most of the times it’s internal and is caused by what goes on inside us. Whether it’s our thoughts or lack of peace of mind or something else,not being able to be happy is as good as suffering. The main cause of our misery or where the suffering is sprouted from is our mind.

Our mind often makes us suffer by entertaining regrets from the past or worries from the future. Many times the negativity comes to us naturally but to think positive it needs efforts. The inability of us not being able to focus on our present and enjoy the present which is quite good and better than the past is where all the root of suffering lies.

It’s very difficult to achieve a peaceful and calm mind without any negative thoughts like the moments we enjoy while watching a sunset or watching waves hit the shore or how harsh a river flows but how peaceful and soothing it’s sound is. At such times we are present in that moment and believe it or not we are happy, peaceful and our mind is calm. There’s no negativity hitting us, nothing that is causing us to suffer and that’s because we enjoy those moments with our heart keeping aside our mind. Because our heart gives us the feeling of deep connection our heart feels only the positive feelings but the mind looks at things with an all-around perspective. Our mind has the power to make us happy as well as suffer but it often chooses to make us suffer unless you start controlling your mind and making your mind do what you want.

Sometimes you must quiet your thinking and release the hold of suffering over your mind and let the positivity, love and happiness take the hold of your mind. Calm your mind by controlling the thoughts that come to your mind. Be at ease and let the heart take control. Sometimes, when the things get overwhelming it is necessary to let the mind calm down and let the heart take the responsibility. When heart takes the control you see the world through a different perspective, there’s a lot of compassion in you, you don’t fear anything, you don’t judge anything and you just love everything the way it is and there my friend you gain the positivity from.

So, when the mind makes you suffer let the heart take control and heal you.

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