Organizations around the country have cancelled the summer internship programs. As it is difficult for them to create safe working conditions for the employees during this pandemic. It is also financially impossible for many organizations to spend on internship programs. However, there are still many organizations providing online training and courses. So if you were planning to do an internship this summer here’s what you need to do that will help you develop skills for further use.

· Join webinars

Many organization are providing online training through webinars, you can search on google according to your preferences. Webinars on computer languages, marketing, finance etc are conducted by the companies.

· Create your own project

Since you can’t join any organization, you can always try your own project. Take help from someone who has been working in same field you are interested. Doing your own project has many perks one of them being you can use your entire creativity and can have the credit for yourself.

· Add more skills to your portfolio

Consider taking some online courses to learn new skills to improve your portfolio during summer. Many universities and colleges are providing online courses. Take up the one you are interested in and grab that certificate! Online courses by edX, Coursera, LinkedIn etc. Can be helpful.

· Find a new internship

There are companies that are still providing internships. Try your luck to get into such organizations. Contact your college, they might help you find out new internship.

· Study for higher education

If you are going to pursue higher education, this time can be utilised to prepare for its entrance exam such CAT,GRE, MHCET, CLAT, GATE etc.