Modelling is not as easy as it appears to be it’s not just about clicking pictures. There’s more behind the scene efforts that are not visible to us. Hence, not everyone can become a model you require a lot of efforts, talent and confidence to be a model and choose it as a career. Here are some tips to help you start a modelling career.

· Practice posing for photos in front of the mirror

Modelling and photoshoots go hand in hand. So if you are trying to step in modelling learn and practice poses. It’s not that easy to get selected, therefore you need to put a lot of efforts. Beginning improvising your own photos and poses while clicking the photo.

· Get yourself a great portfolio

The portfolio is very important for a modelling career. Click great photos preferably from a professional camera and create your portfolio. The portfolio is to be seen to different modelling agencies and if they like your photo’s they select you. So it’s important that your photos are great and your portfolio looks approaching. Find the right modelling agency and submit your portfolio, you don’t need to send your portfolio to every agency in the town. Just a few trusted agencies.

· Learn to accept rejection

You are going to face rejection a lot of times because you can’t be a perfect fit for someone they are looking for or sometimes you might fail to impress them. Don’t get depressed by rejection. Keep trying and you’ll make your way. The modelling industry can ask too much of you so make sure, you don’t compromise on your ethics and integrity.

· Take care of your body and skin

Modelling and photoshoots are all about body and face. So it’s necessary that you take care of your body and skin. Exercise regularly, drink a lot of water, consult a dermatologist if necessary. Maintaining your skin health is very crucial. Modelling requires a lot of use of make-up but make sure that the make-up doesn’t affect your skin therefore you must take necessary precautions.

· Be professional

Being professional is very important, which means you have to continuously keep in touch, answer to phone calls, reply to emails, etc. You must see that you are never late to meetings, shoots etc. The more professional you are, the more work you’ll receive always remember that.

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