No one lives a perfect life. Everyone commits a mistake big time at least once in a lifetime. It is already difficult to adjust in our lives and to feel normal again, but to top it all the regrets don’t seem to end anytime soon. Why didn’t I say this before? why didn’t I do it this way? and so on! One suddenly wishes to have a time machine just to go back in time and rework on the mistake and improve it this time. But unfortunately, our life isn’t a science fiction movie. Real-life consists of mistakes followed by regrets. The only positive thing it leaves behind is a lesson and experience for life. Do not forget however bad a person might have failed in his life, regret is not the only thing he is left with, he learns from his mistakes which is crucial. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, regretting means nothing. You are bound to follow the same mistakes again and repeat the same procedure all over again.

Here are some options to help you get over your regrets: –

  • Understand your feeling – The pain and anger you are feeling for yourself are actually a feeling of regret. Blaming yourself for the outcome of something bad is a part of regret. Use your regret in a good way to work harder and perform better in your next attempts.
  • Determine your source of regret – Understand where your regret is coming from. Is it because you couldn’t express your feelings for someone on time or because you failed to win the race? Is it because you said some things to someone in anger that shouldn’t have? You must know where your regret is coming from.
  • Learn your lesson – You must pick up some lessons from your mistakes. Go through the experience in your mind. Try to determine what you did wrong and what you should have done instead. Write them down if necessary.
  •  Work on your faults – Just recognizing your mistakes is not enough. You have to work on our mistakes and improve yourself. Ignore what happened in the last attempt, and focus on training yourself.
  • Let it go – Remember all the sadness and frustration you have inside you, gather all the feelings of regret inside you, and release them together. You have to give up your past and look forward. Life is beautiful, so don’t let regrets have any place in it.