It’s not easy to manage our daily life while studying in a college where we pay hefty fees. For some students who have parents with a decent job, it is easy to manage their college life but for those who depend on pocket money which very scarce, it becomes mandatory to earn some side cash. Performing paid internships is a very good option to earn some money as well as gain experience. One can look for ways to find an internship in the field of his studies. If you are studying engineering, you can look for internships in workshops or get hired as assistants for a major project. You can provide minor help there while learning all about the project and gaining valuable insights.

If you know someone who already works for a big company like a family friend or a relative, you can ask them to get you a small job in the same company. The best way to find a job is on the internet. There are many websites that can help you create a profile and CV to get you started in looking for internships. You just have to enter your search filters according to the work profile you are searching for and you will see a list of available internships. Some best websites to try include,, and

Beware of scam and fraud job alerts. After you enter your personal details on a particular website, you are prone to receive calls from employers looking for a suitable candidate. Never pay any entry fee or joining fee or processing fee to get a job. No job that asks you to pay can be real. They may also display very short working hours and easy job profile to grab your attention. The most basic feature people fall for is salary. If the job alert displays stipend or salary that seems more than fair than probably the job is fake.