“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” Said Mark Twain.

We all had to face some situations in our lives where we had to lie in order to escape from having to speak the truth and avoid any confrontation or conflict. Moreover, lying and finding an escape feels like an easy way out instead of telling the truth and getting into trouble. But after each lie, follows another lie to cover for an earlier lie. This cycle keeps going on and we end up hurting people close to us or making situations worse for us.

Sure, speaking the truth can make you deal with a bad situation but that is what righteous people do. They stand by their beliefs and don’t let petty little lies get in the way of their journey to be truthful and righteous like a virtuous leader. There doesn’t have to be a discussion about why we should speak the truth. It should not be your last resort; it should be your first option.

Speaking the truth makes you more human and brings you peace at last. You become free from the anxiety of having to lie and live with it. Sometimes you do it unwillingly but it eats you up from inside and makes you restless. In some conditions, you even start hating yourself for lying. That is how you lose respect for yourself and thus fades your righteousness. If you always speak the truth no matter what difficulty you face, you will make it your habit and everyone will always trust you with everything. And the one who is trusted can become a great leader.