Why do we exercise?

There are different reason for different people to exercise.

Some people exercise for good health, some people exercise for good physical appearance, some for recreation and some for earning. As your reasons differ similarly your period of exercise will differ. The reason you choose to exercise decides the time period of your exercise.

· Do you exercise for good health?

Exercise is mandatory to maintain good health. Exercise has many health benefits. It provides protection against diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure etc. For health doctor prescribes 30 min of moderate or 15 min of intense exercise daily. Aerobics is a good form of cardiovascular disease. Even our daily activities contributes to our exercise.

· Do you exercise for physical appearance?

Many people exercise for the sake of physical appearance as in to lose weight or build muscles. You achieve it with moderate level exercise you do for health daily or if you want to go faster you can work out for an hour or so daily. Does it sound a lot? You can always divide your exercise time like you can do it two times a day for 30 min each session. Also make changes in your day to day activities like take stairs, walk when going to a nearer destination. Etc.

· Do you exercise for recreation?

Exercise is a great way to freshen up your mind and also relieve stress. If you are exercising for fun just go for it. You don’t need to have a time period. You can work out as long as you want to.

· Do you exercise as a part of your job?

If you are a sportsperson or in show business. You need to maintain good physical health and appearance. In such cases, you must seek professional help. Exercise like aerobics, stretching, strength training, speed drills etc. A sportsperson needs to exercise a lot to increase strength and stay fit. However, they should not distress themselves and listen when their body asks to stop.

So how much exercise is enough? As much as you need to achieve your goal. Choose exercise your body needs and what your pocket can afford and don’t forget to do your daily activities actively.

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