There’s always a dilemma between passion and money, not always your passion can help you earn a good amount of money. But honestly, there’s nothing worse then hating your job even if it helps you learn a lot of money. Follow your passion and money will follow you, people often say this but do they mean it?

Here’s why following passion is more important

· Working for money is not enough motivation to keep you going through the 9 to 6 job.

· When you follow a passion, you keep getting more ideas to improve your work.

· When you are passionate about your work you are ready to work a little harder, you are ready to go an extra mile because that makes you happy.

· You love working because it’s not forced upon you, it’s what you chose and are happy working on.

· You never really work, when you are doing what you love it doesn’t feel like work, it seems like fun and enjoyment.

· It becomes easier to overcome a difficult phase in your work life because you truly want to overcome the phase and you are determined to work harder and not to give up in any situation.

· Following your passion is important because we are going to spend most of our lives working so why not work on what we love and earn money through it.

· The success is more enjoyable when you achieve it doing something you love because you know you have given your best to it.

So clearly, following your passion is important due to all the above reasons but how does following passion help us earn money? Many of us are passionate about art, dance, acting, etc. There are many people who were passionate about the same and have finally achieved success with the help of their passion, they make a lot of money in fact more than many office workers.

Today there are many platforms available to help you follow your passion and if you work harder and make yourself best at what you do, you are going to get paid. There are many aspiring actors using platforms like YouTube, Instagram to showcase their talent and once they reach a specific number of audience they start earning money. They did follow their passion, they were determined to work hard on their passion and they went an extra mile for their passion and now they are enjoying the fruit, they don’t hate what they do and that keeps them motivated to keep going and working harder.

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