Everybody desires to have a successful career in whatever field they may want to pursue it. But having said that it’s not easy to be successful in whatever you choose. Sometimes our choices can go wrong and thus we might not find success in what we have chosen to do. Nevertheless, there’s always hope and if you determine you can achieve anything you want to achieve. There are these three rules which are important for a career. You must follow them to be successful in any field you chose.

· Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy for yourself

This piece of advice is mainly for people trying to do business or a salesperson. One important thing you must always remember is, never sell a product or service which you won’t buy for yourself. This implies that don’t sell a poor quality product or something you find extremely useless. If you want to be successful sell what people need, never degrade the quality as you will lose customers after some time and if you are a salesperson you won’t be able to sell a product if you yourself are not convinced to buy it for yourself. So, always follow this important rule in business.

· Either love what you do or do what you love

There are two choices for you if you want a blooming career. Either you choose to do a job you love or love the job you do. You can’t be successful if you hate what you do. Loving your job is the most important thing because it continuously gives you motivation and helps you keep going and working harder without even feeling the burden of it. The best option will always be doing what you love or something you are passionate about then your job won’t be a job anymore it will be more relaxing and fun for you.

· Don’t work for anyone who you don’t respect and admire

Work for people you truly admire, someone you respect because if you don’t respect and admire your boss you’ll not work with enthusiasm, somewhere you’ll be doing your job just for the sake of it, you wouldn’t want to work hard because it will benefit your boss but meanwhile, you forget that it will also show on your progress graph. Therefore, it’s necessary to work for someone whom you admire, who inspires you and whom you’d love to work for.

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