With increasing job prospects from across the globe, many students are choosing to study abroad for a life altering learning experience.

Here is the list of countries with easy immigration for students.

1. Canada

Canada is the best country for student immigration as it welcomes them with open arms. This country has work programs and Post-Graduation work permit programs which are immigration friendly. A work permit of three years is allowed for students under these programs as per the duration of the course.

2. Australia

Even though the Australian universities have high tuition fees, Australia is considered as the student migration hub. In 2013, it changed its post-study visa policy and since then it has been gaining numerous immigrants from various parts of the world.

3. Germany

One of the popular study abroad destinations is Germany as it offers the international students 18 months to get a job after their graduation. It is the most favourable country for immigration even though it’s cost of living is high.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful destination for students to study and work abroad and it has good immigration policies for international students. Through post-study work visa students can apply for post-study work visa for up to 4 years.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a culturally diverse and welcoming place which is the perfect destination for students to study and work here. Plus there is a lack of language barriers which makes it easy to connect and settle in this country. Also, international students are permitted to stay back for two years after their graduation and find a job.

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