Many times people think that girls’ outfits are hard to choose and boys’ outfits can be easy to choose. But it is not always true. Sometimes choosing outfits can be difficult for men as well. So if you are going on a first date then here are tips for you to dress perfectly and certain things to keep in mind while dressing.

There are certain do’s and don’t to keep in mind.

First, let’s look at do’s

1. Always wear a watch

Your outfit is never complete without a watch. It is one thing you should always wear on a first date. It doesn’t have to be a super luxurious watch. Wear one with a metallic strap or a sporty watch.

2. Go for dark or neutral colors

Think about navy, gray, white, and black color shirts . Wearing such colors puts the focus on you and your conversation and not on what you’re wearing. This relates to your jeans as well. Wear dark wash jeans.

3. Polish your shoes

Don’t ignore the significance of clean shoes. If you’re wearing shoes, a quick black or brown polish is all it takes to make them look brand new. And make you look good.

And a few more tips are to properly gel your hair and wear a good perfume because it’s important to smell nice.

Here are the don’ts

1. Hoodies

Leave the hoodies for all your meetings but not for dates. Wearing hoodies on your first date might not be appropriate.

2. Ties

First dates should be about making both feels at ease. Ties can feel a little stuffy and serious and that’s why it’s alright to leave ties at home. It might make your partner uncomfortable or make you look a little bit serious.

3. Hats or sunglasses

Don’t let your date think you’re attempting to hide something right away. Wearing hats or sunglasses can be inappropriate. Even if you are wearing it, remove it while talking to your partner.

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