· Respect your limitations and slow down

You only have 24 hours in a day and you are a normal human being and not a robot. You get tired, you need sleep, you need to eat food and these are your limitations. You can’t work for 24 hours and for 7 days. Respect these limitations and slow down. It’s important to earn money and be rich to have all the luxuries but in the end, health is more important than anything else. If you have every luxury in the world but no good health there would be no use of it. So you must understand that relaxation is equally necessary.

· Say No

Learn to say No for the work that doesn’t belong to you. You don’t need to overwork. Look back and see what are the things that keep you busy and exhaust you, say no to such work. If you are doing something for someone else happiness and if it feels more like an obligation. Avoid doing such work. Initially, you may find it difficult but once you start saying no you feel it easier to reject something that you are not willing to do.

· Rethink on your to-do list, add a filter

Revisit your to-do list and add a filter to it. Filter out all not so important tasks eliminate them if you can, or delegate them to someone else or postpone them.

· Delegate your work

If you have so many responsibilities and work from office and home, try delegating your work to someone else. If you have people working under you, delegate some of your work to them, don’t overburden any one person. Your work at home can be delegated to your family members. Doing so you make yourself free from so many duties and it helps you relax and have free time.

· Let some things go

You can’t have everything, stop working hard for these things. You must learn to let go of some things. Some of us redo many things because we think they weren’t done properly earlier, these keep you busy and overwhelmed. If you feel something must be done again let the same person do it teach them what’s wrong and what should be corrected but don’t consider it as your work to complete.

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