Have to work late at night all the time? Have to sit in front of your laptop all day? Are you finding a way to or a place to find peace of mind? Try the vast source of happiness namely ‘Nature’. All other methods or tips that you imply in your life to be peaceful or happy are a toy in front of the power of nature. A single breath you take in around the trees first thing in the morning makes you anything but energetic and playful. The same breath when exhaled releases all your stresses and worries. In many ways, nature has been healing us from within but thanks to or stressful minds and busy lives, we ignore the wonders of nature and remain unhappy. This is how spending some time in nature helps you: –

Increases your energy –

Morning coffee, breakfast and exercises are all important to feel fresh, energetic and prepared for the day. But you can add a cherry on the cake if you just spend a few minutes in nature. Just sip your coffee in your backyard full of grass and plants with the sound of chirping birds. That is all you need to feel good.

Less depressed mind –

Beautiful flowers, lush green trees and the smell of freshly cut grass, all these things in nature spread pure positivity. It becomes easy to forget the stress and tensions you have been having in your life when you are surrounded by nature.

Being in sunlight –

We all know that we get Vitamin D from morning sunlight which is orangish in colour. Studies have shown that it also reduces the risk of a heart attack. Also, the sunlight allows your eye pupils to widen further allowing you to red rid of drowsiness as you wake up.

Contact with plants boosts immunity –

Scientists have discovered that people who spend more time in forests, parks, gardens or places with a lot of trees around, experience a better immune system. Plants and trees release a chemical that becomes airborne to protect them from insects and bacteria which also seems to help us, humans.

Allows you to take a break –

When you take some time in your day to sit and relax in nature, you give yourself time away from work stress and other responsibilities. It takes your mind away from negative thoughts. This improves your overall mood and makes you delighted.

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