Five reasons how volunteering helps you.

· It makes your resume look impressive

It’s the most obvious one, volunteering definitely adds up in your resume. It makes your resume look good and impressive. It also shows your personality and character. Because no one ever complains or refuses someone who is helpful and compassionate towards people. Volunteering is a way you can relate your skills mentioned in the resume to your actual work.

· Helps you determine career goals

When you volunteer, you spend time out of your comfort zone and exploring life around you. It, therefore, helps you determine what exactly you want from life and also helps you determine your career goals. Working with small non-profit organisations or start-up will surely let you know the different side of the world, the importance of hard work, team spirit etc. You’ll learn yourself whether you love working on the field or at the background, whether you love working with a team or alone.

· Helps you meet new people

For a successful career, the network is very much Important. Volunteering is a bridge that helps you connect with more like-minded people. The colleague and team relationship gradually build into friendship and that’s how you build a network. Your one friend can help you connect to at least10-15 people. Therefore, volunteering is important from a career point of view and to build a network.

· Makes you more confident

With all the experience and knowledge you receive while volunteering, it’s obvious that you would gain confidence. When a person has knowledge about something he/she is confident while speaking. So if you want to get a confidence boost, you must choose to volunteer often.

· Develop and learn new skills

When you volunteer, you get an opportunity to try tons of different skills and challenges, without giving up anything you have right now. Whether you’ve always wanted to dip your toes into the world of coding or you’ve been meaning to learn a little bit more about marketing, there are many volunteer opportunity that allows you to do so.

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