Like the saying ‘where there is a will there is a way’ we can also make a saying that goes like, where there is electricity, there are screens. Modernisation has brought us up close to the screens as there so much that is reliant on electronic devices. Mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, all these devices display information using a screen. Learn how the same screens are damaging our eyes: –

  • Insight – Screens release a harmful blue light that leads to a syndrome called digital eyestrain. Continuous exposure to blue light can damage the retinal cells and invite eye problems like Macular degeneration and Blindness. Repeated use of computer can also cause a common syndrome called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The reason behind this is that continuous computer work involves eyes to focus deeply on a limited area on sight.  Our eyes recurrently follow the same visual path for a long time. A similar situation occurs when we are performing an important task involving continuously observation on papers or documents(studying, paper correction, documents analysis). Only here no screen emits contrast, adds glare and flickering.
  • Problems – We experience restlessness and fatigue after spending prolonged hours on computers or mobiles. Dry eyes, headaches, eye strain, neck and shoulder pain are all other symptoms of CVS. People also have trouble sleeping at night.
  •   Solutions – The best solution will be trying to refrain from the use of screens as much as possible. However, it is impossible to completely boycott the use of computers. Here are some options to try –
  1.   Dark mode – Realising the same issues, mobile companies and computer makers have released an option named ‘Dark mode’. This feature completely removes the colour white and eliminates glary vision.
  2. Read mode – Switching to read mode removes the blue light emission. Hence the screen becomes yellowish. It is denoted by different names in different phones, but the purpose and functioning remain the same.
  3.  Computer glasses – The zero powered computer glasses are fitted with lenses that block blue light and only allow harmless light rays to pass. If you already use spectacles, you get your glasses fitted with blue light blocking lenses.

Giving up on screens is not practical. But we sure can try to refrain from unnecessary use. Depend on books from the library or purchase online instead of reading E-books. People who already suffer from eye problems should be more careful and practice the preventions given above.