Going for an interview, then do follow these instructions.

· Ummm….

The words ‘umm’, ‘uh’ are a few of those words which we don’t even know how often we use them. Probably most of the time. These words often represent nervousness. It makes you look less confident. So try to avoid using such words.

· Any curse word

Using curse words during an interview can turn out to be a big disaster. It shows how unprofessional you are. Even if the curse words are not a problem in the company, using them during an interview can be concluded as disrespect of the interviewer.

· Kinda, gonna, wanna…

No matter how cool and millennial these words may sound, using them in an interview will represent your childish behaviour and you may fail to impress the interviewer. So either use yes or no instead of ‘Kinda’ to sound more mature.

· Hate

Hate is a huge word to use. If you don’t like something or someone, state it a positive way like our vibes don’t match or I was not comfortable etc. Nobody like haters and using the word hate represents you as anaggressive personality.

· Basically, like

Many people have the habit of starting each sentence with the word ‘basically’ or ‘like’. You might not even realise it but your basically might start to annoy people’s ears. So listen to yourself if you are using too much of basically then try to avoid it.

· No, never, not

These negative words should be avoided. Never say never if you don’t want to say yes use words like maybe, I’ll try, let’s see, etc.

· Stuff

When you use this word you generalise and it shows your lack of knowledge. Avoid saying stuff use a proper word instead. So do your research properly and practice your answers because whenever you lack the information you’ll have to use this word.