Soft skills are skills that are not directly related to the job you do but are given most important while selecting a candidate. Then what exactly are soft skills? Why are they given so much importance?

Soft skills are often termed as non-technical skills, skills that reflect your personality can be termed as soft skills. They can’t be proven by certificates, they are to be experienced over a time. Soft skills include interpersonal skills, team work, leadership skills and so on.

Why are soft skills important in professional life?

· Team work

When you work for a company often you have to work with a team. For the company it’s quite important that you coordinate with your team to get the best results. A person who doesn’t have team spirit can create mess while working with a team. Hence employers look for candidates who posses this soft skill.

· Communication

Communication is the key. You should be able to explain your point to other team mates and your clients. Communication is the most important skill a candidate must possess while applying for a job. Good communication between the team helps avoiding misunderstandings and mistakes which eventually improves efficiency.

· Leadership

Leadership skill are must have to be a good leader. Leadership is more related to the personality of a person. It is not only required in professional life but also in personal lives. Candidates looking for a management position should definitely posses this skill. Leadership skill is important to help company grow in the right direction with the right guidance. The quality of leading is important for the success in any field.

· Time management

Time is money. Any organization would choose a candidate who has time management skill. It is quite important for an organization to complete its work in time to stay profitable. Employees who finish their work before deadline are always appreciated.

Therefore all these soft skills are considered important while selecting a candidate. All the qualifications are useless, if the employee doesn’t possess soft skill.