Lockdown has led many of us to work from home. While we are enjoying this new work from the home thing because we get to sit in our pyjamas and work. However, it becomes difficult to concentrate with everyone at home and lots of distractions at sight. Few tips to work efficiently from home.

· Recognise your most productive time

Recognise when you are most productive and can work efficiently. Working in those hours can help you bring more productivity while working from home.

· Set your schedule

Once you have decided your productive hours, set your schedules accordingly. Planning your day beforehand will help you missing any work and make proper use of time. Once you make the plan, see that you stick to it.

· Make your study space comfortable

Decide your cosy corner or a place where you can work comfortably. Clean the study space and bring necessary changes if needed to make it a comfortable study area. Comfortable study space will help you concentrate better.

· Put up with a break when essential

You need to take a break whenever you feel the need. Relaxing for some time will benefit you in working more effectively. When you are tired your capacity of working is affected. Therefore you should take some time off from work after every 2-3 hours.

· Don’t overwork

It is ideal to work for 8 hours a day or at most 9 hours. Working for more than 9 hours can disturb your schedule. It will also lower your productivity for the day. Instead, halt and start fresh from the next day.

· Keep distractions at bay

When you work from home there are many distractions such as social media, family etc. You need to keep these distractions away to complete your work on time and to make most of your working hours.

· Maintain work-life balance

Maintaining work-life balance very important to lead a great life. “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” we all have heard about this saying. Working continuously with no relaxation and no enjoyment makes your life dull and boring, which will eventually show on your work.