There are two types of motivation, positive and negative. here’s what they mean.

What is positive motivation?

When we are motivated to work hard to get rewards, prizes and positive outcomes it is called positive motivation. Examples of positive motivation can be when a person studies hard just to secure the first rank. His power of motivation is the reward he will get when he achieves what he wants. Positive motivation requires a lot of visualisation, only when you can visualise yourself being successful and happy about it then you can be motivated. The motivation is the reward you’ll be getting if you get successful and that’s what drives you towards it.

What is negative motivation?

Negative motivation on the other hand is all about fear. When your fear motivates you it’s negative motivation. For example, when you study not to secure the first rank but with fear of failing is called negative motivation both serve a similar purpose of studying but the sources of motivation are different. Negative motivation is when you take action just because you don’t want to bear the pain or you don’t want to fail. The motivation here is the fear of failing, fear of punishment, fear of pain and the fear drive you towards working hard.

Which one is better?

Positive motivation is a great way to motivate yourself for short-term goals but when it comes to long term achievements, the visualisation technique doesn’t always work. But you can deal with it by breaking down your long term goals into short term activities. If you go step by step this method can do wonders for you.

Negative motivation can be a helpful and can work now and then but thinking about the bigger picture, it’s not really worth it, especially for your well being and morale. If you start using your fear, you’ll start being more fearful about things and you’ll work only enough to overcome your challenge you won’t excel ever in life. Because negative motivation is something that forces you to work hard or somehow be out of the situation, therefore you’ll always look for a shortcut and would never give your hundred per cent just enough to get out of the situation.

Positive motivation whereas comes from something you really want to achieve, something you love, something you don’t think you are stuck with and hence it can be clearly stated that positive motivation is way better than negative motivation.

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