Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian billionaire business magnate, and the chairman, managing director, and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Ltd. He’s currently recorded as 5th richest man in the world. He was handed over a well-settled business by his father, however, he has worked really hard to make the best out of what he received, unlike his brother who failed to bring success to his business. So what made Mukesh Ambani so rich and successful? Here’s how.

· Have a dream

Though Ambani was handed over with a set business he didn’t stop dreaming. He dreamt of growing his business, exploring new markets and new businesses. He didn’t choose to settle in what he had instead he chose to dream bigger and he didn’t just dream about his success but worked hard to achieve his dreams.

· Trust all but depend on none

When you indulge in business, you have lots of collaboration with other businesses who might provide you with raw material or other requirements. Trusting them is necessary but depending entirely on them is not what Mukesh Ambani follows. He is always prepared for the emergencies that might arrive at crucial times and thus he hardly faces failure. He has learned this all from his own experiences and thus there’s another lesson we could learn from him is to always learn from our mistakes and experiences.

· Risks are mandatory

There’s no successful business where there’s no risk. Every businessman takes a risk to move a step ahead. Risks are mandatory and while dealing with money there’s a lot of risks. Ambani has made lots of investments, he is quite logical with all the risks he takes and thus has earned a lot of returns on his investments made.

· Stay alert

Currently, in the Indian market, there’s no one that seems to be more alert than Mukesh Ambani. With the launch of Jio with extremely amazing service and almost a year free service he earned a lot of market share. He’s been alert about the market, he knows exactly when and how to launch his new business and that’s what makes him successful.

· Never stop

He could have stopped and managed within what he had received from his father but he didn’t. He expanded his business to new products and services, he entered in many new markets and not just entered the market but also proved successful in these markets. There’s no service or product which the reliance doesn’t provide an alternative option for and that too a better alternative.

· Understand money is a by-product

He has understood the fact, that money is a by-product of your success. Chasing money alone would never make you a good businessman was a lesson taught to him by his father and he followed it religiously. Reliance is a top industry in the market today, they not only have achieved success for themselves but also have created many job opportunities.

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