As of 4th June 2020, India have reached the count of 2,16,919 cases. Almost every city and state have atleast few cases. It can be possible that someone from your family might get infected. Though Government of India is trying it’s best to promote social distancing and washing hands, it’s still impossible to completely keep the virus away. If someone from your family got infected or is suspected you must follow these steps.

· Keep distance

As soon as you find the news, immediately distance yourself from the person. Ask the infected person to stay at home and in a separate room and separate bathroom.

· Use mask

You and your family members as well as the infected must wear mask continuously.

· Cover your mouth

While you sneeze or cough make sure to cover your mouth with a tissue and dispose the tissue immediately in the dustbin.

· Wash your hands

Whenever you touch surfaces that may have come in contact with the infected person in house or outside house, wash your hands with a handwash for 20seconds. If handwash is not available use hand sanitizer with minimum 60% alcohol

· Disinfect surfaces

It becomes necessary to continuously disinfect the surfaces to stop the spread of virus. Use any disinfectant and clean the surfaces regularly.

· Stay quarantined

Even if your family member is infected or suspected, even you are expected to stay quarantined as you may have been infected with virus too.

· Check for symptoms

If the infected or a suspected person is showing more evident symptoms like difficulty in breathing, very high fever, chest pain etc. Consult the doctor emergency. Our country has provided emergency helpline number for Covid-19 patients. You can call on that number and get the person admitted to a hospital.

Above are simple measures you can take to prevent yourself and family members from getting infected. But make sure to stay quarantined for atleast 7 days after tested negative, because even if you are not showing symptoms it is possible that you are infected.