What inspired you today?

We live in a world full of inspirations. One can even get inspired by observing the natural beauty around him. Some people get inspiration from their parents and some from their life partner, but the important thing is whether the inspiration is good or bad. People need inspiration when they are frustrated and filled with agony, some people lose something important in life like a job, someone beloved but the thing that keeps them motivated and inspired is the way of life.

        When a person is depressed or filled with anxiety, he doesn’t feel like living he has to find a way of getting inspired. Example-Freddie Mercury who was a lead singer of Queen Band faced many issues about his sexuality, he even doubted himself and this thought kept eating him, but what kept him motivated is his passion toward singing, and instead of ruining his career he kept going, and he created a legacy in the world of music. In our life, we face many issues regarding our career, life, but finding a way to all this is very difficult. We can sometimes get inspired by something that even we won’t be able to make out that it is an inspiration. We should give ourselves time to contemplate with thoughts that make us think differently, doing this can inspire us. Showcasing your talents can even help you get inspired more. To find your hidden talents and improvise it. A workout is the best therapy, doing yoga, meditation can help clear your mind and have a mindset. Sometimes talking to your close friends can help you find ways.

     Find the good in you. Don’t think about what’s gone wrong in your day but think about the good things that happened. You should be the change. Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile

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