So, did you break up with someone recently? What a difficult task it is isn’t it to break up with someone and pretend to be strangers?

   Breaking up with your partner is never easy. In this modern growing world, love has become apathetic, affectless and cold-blooded. Breaking up is easy for one and devastating for others or its just devastating for both but because they are not meant for each other or they have no future ahead. There are going to be painful moments, instances of questioning yourself, questioning your relationship and, most likely, questioning life at large but hold on,

Here are certain things you shouldn’t do if you break up with someone: –

  • Do not behave normally with how you feel –

Yes, you heard it right! However easy or hard the breakup was, there were feeling involved and do not hide your feelings and act all normal with it. Cry your feelings out, try on distracting by travelling to different places, trying on different things. Give yourself time to heal and to grow back to your own normal life without that person around.

  • Do not try to punish them or yourself –

We usually try to analyze the relationship once after we break up and maybe find out certain toxicity in it, it’s painful but accept it does not try to go back question it or to punish or take revenge, which is never going to help or even create more damage. And never punish yourself or the same.

  • Do not get into a serious relationship right after a breakup –

Once you decided on breakup try to give yourself time, take your inventory to realize your mistakes and figure out how to intent to plan future relationships differently. Prove to yourself that you’re confident enough to put real effort into that next relationship and then go ahead.

  • Do not keep an eye on their life activities –

You are no longer a part of their life so accept that and do not try to intercede their life, judge them or try to ask them about it. You have to understand that the relationship is over and you trying harder will only push them away.

Breakups are hard. We may joke about it but deep inside it really hurts in our heart. Always be a company with someone. Friends, Family or just the best friends, anyone will do. dot make yourself alone and isolated.