· Develop work experience

Before you go for an actual job, do an internship for 2-3 months. So that you have at least some experience about the job you are willing to do. It will also increase the value of your resume as a fresher. Being good at internship can help you get job in the same company. So before you go for a real job, prefer doing an internship.

· List down your skills

Make a strong resume by listing down all your skills. Make sure to mention about the skills that matter for the job you are applying. Your skillset should also include communication skills, leadership skills, team spirit etc, as well as professional skills, depending upon your field of education.

· Mention your achievements

Mention all your achievements, if you lead a team and you won the game mention it in your interview. Relate your skills with your achievements to make your skills more real. Also, explain how your skills and achievements will help you with the job. In your resume, mention any awards you’ve won to put extra impression.

· Build a network with people in the industry

Build your network with people in the same field through LinkedIn or job fairs. Ask them for bits of advice and recommendations of the job. The network will also help you build the required skills and learn more about the industry.

· Nail your interview

To get the job you must nail your interview. Be confident and comfortable while answering the questions. Don’t lie, about your achievements or skills because if you are caught, you lose the job immediately. Be honest about your flaws and show a willingness to improve.

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