Why it’s ok to fail?

Firstly, let’s find out why is it ok to fail? There are many reasons why failure is considered fine. There are many criticisms you receive when you fail many times. But when you think only about you, you’ll learn that failing is very necessary to find success. Success earned through failure lasts for a long time, because the person knows what he shouldn’t do to be successful, he knows what mistakes to avoid, he knows the right path to success.

We spend so much time fearing failure that we forget to experience life itself, to be present and live in the moment, to be happy and grateful for what we have, and to simply enjoy the journey of life rather than fretting over the destination. The following reasons will help find it easier to accept failure

– Failing is ok because everyone fails before achieving success

– Failure makes you find more ways to achieve success and understand things better

– Failure broadens your mind and helps you learn to accept it by making you strong

– Failure teaches you lessons that success can never teach you

– Failure promotes you to take more risk in order to find success

How many times are too many times?

There’s no limit on how many times you can fail. If you have perseverance and grit to achieve something, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail you should not give up and keep trying hard. There are many examples, where successful people have failed in the 100th attempt or even more but they didn’t give up. ‘Try, try till you succeed’ the saying itself says that you must never give up until you achieve what you won’t keep trying, keep finding new ways, keep taking risk and never fear failure. Always remember, failure is the stepping stone towards success and you shall fail again and again depending upon how long the road is towards success.

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