What goal are you working for? Maybe it’s working on fitness and improving your shape or improving your skills for a better career. Well, whatever the goal may be, the question is why you haven’t reached there yet. What is pulling you back? Whatever the reason, here are four tricks for self-motivation and fostering positive change to achieve your goals and be successful.

1) Responsibility: Self-motivation should come by yourself. It depends on the internal drive and not the external force or factors. You cannot blame others too. You should learn to take ownership of yourself and responsibilities. Only you can help you bring personal growth.

2) Find Purpose: Find the purpose behind your wish for material things or career advancement. Link your goals with a deeper purpose, whether for freedom or a better lifestyle, but discover the key purpose for your goals.

3) Perspective: Self-motivation stems from your perspective on life and your goals. Replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones helps to foster self-motivation and bring about positive change.

4) Avoid Multitasking: Though you may find it impressive to handle three or four projects simultaneously, this will drain your energy, and you may be unable to focus on the most important thing.