Lack of exercise, when coupled with a whole lot of stress, can increase the tension in the muscles, constricts your breathing, and trigger or worsen the whirling thoughts and feelings that feed stress. Lack of exercise and unhealthy food habits can lead to a lot of stress in life. Stress produces a state of physical and mental tension and we are always wondering how to avoid or beat stress? Many people would answer, yoga. Yoga or yog is the best way to distress your mind and attain peace. If you practice simple yoga regularly in your life it has resulted in complete peace of life.

Yoga can be as simple as certain kinds of breathing patterns. You have to allow your mind and body to get some relief from stress by not thinking about it and concentrating on the breathing pattern.

Simple breathing exercises can be done sitting in a chair or lying down with your closed and concentrating on your inhaling and exhaling. Observe the breathing which expands from your lower belly to the ribs and the chest.Yoga has a lot many benefits on your body. While performing yoga pure oxygenated air is breathed into the lungs the blood gets purified and circulation improves, it helps strengthen the lungs.

Our minds are frequently filled with a lot of thoughts going across, while doing yoga we time to forget all those worries and thoughts and attain peace of mind.

    Yoga and meditation practice brings peace even to the beginners and you can notice a sudden shift to the mind of silence and peace. Here are 4 easy yoga asanas you can try for boosting peace in life:

  • Easy pose (sukhasana) with forwarding Bend 

it is an easy sitting pose, with the erect spine, crossed legs, and hands open facing upwards forming Gyan mudra(touching the tips of the thumb and index finger together) on your knees. Now take breaths and sit in this post for as long as you are comfortable

  • Vajrasan (diamond/thunderbolt pose)

Kneel on the floor interest for upper body on your heels and calves, keeping your spine erect. Place your palm on the knees, look in a forward direction, and focus on breathing. Sit in the position for 5-10 minutes daily.

  • Uttanasana (forward bend)

Stand upright with your spine erect when you feed together and hand beside your body, now take a deep breath and raise your hands above your head and try to bend your body towards your feet.

  • Viparita karani asana (legs to the wall pose)

In this asana you have to lie flat on your back on the floor or yoga mat place your hands besides now inhale and as you, exhale and lift your legs upwards folding from the hips and hold the position and again inhale and bring your legs back to the floor or the mat.

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