Someone once said, “Fashion is what you buy, what you do with it is called the style”. Now for this saying to be precise, all of us would have to be fashion experts and masters at choosing the right dress in the right color. But thanks to the Bollywood movies, that showcase newer styles, fashion ideas and advance clothing in every movie with growing time. There won’t be a clothing store in the world where they don’t use pictures of beautiful actresses and handsome men to advertise their merchandise. Fashion styles have evolved in every decade right from the days when bell-bottom pants were a stylish thing among men to it being a mode of style in girls today.

Fashion and Bollywood are two inseparable industries that work hand in hand and when they work together, they bring a new wave of trends among the people. Any outfit wore by an actress or an actor that makes their formerly good-looking self even more admirable, becomes a sensation among the people, especially among the youngsters. And when the movie becomes a hit, it takes more than a new trend to stop the wave of a fashion trend. According to us, if famous celebrities and stars wear a certain outfit, it certainly has to look good and beautiful. This is why girls usually copy the style of their lehengas or Wedding gowns from the movies they watch.

Some people do understand that some particular outfits will only look good if you have an appearance or physic similar to the actor or actress wearing it. But they make it look so decent and attractive that all we wish to is looking like them in the same outfit. Maybe we will or maybe we won’t, the fact that Bollywood greatly inspires fashion sense among the people don’t change. Some famous clothing brands and designers even use Bollywood movies to launch their newest apparel and dresses. That way even if the outfit is not good enough, it still becomes a hit since a movie start was wearing it. This is how Bollywood greatly affects the fashion and styling sense among the people.

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