Have you at any point in your life, been trapped in a discussion with somebody who is simply exhausting you and your mind begins to float and the only thing you can consider is all the better things you could be doing with your time? I’m certain we’ve all had an encounter like this one. All things considered, imagine a scenario in which you could be more considerate about that person’s interests. Give that person your highest attention. Take a gander at that individual and determine how that individual is much the same as you. How that individual is a person with emotions, depression, dreams, and anxiety simply like you.

Some tips to be happy for someone: –

  • Let go of jealousy – Jealousy plays a huge role in making you selfish and hate others success. It is healthy to compete and think of the person as your rival but when it comes to being happy about his or her success, you should not hold back. Take your jealousy and turn it into hard work and determination. This will get you your share of success.
  • Show patience – If you can’t stand watching someone win or succeed, hold back your emotions. Don’t be hasty or aggressive to show your lack of appreciation towards his success when all others are admiring his work. This will make you look petty. Hold back until you get over your emotions and come back with positivity.
  • Be kind – You can expect yourself to be happy with someone’s results if you despise them. Be kind enough to let it win over jealousy and hatred. Smile and try to show that you are happy for the person and aren’t being selfish. A simple “Good Job!” can go a long way.
  • Be appreciative – Try and take time to understand the person’s work and success. If you are impressed by an individual’s idea or thinking make sure you appreciate it. You would want the same if you someday are in his place. So, make sure you do the right thing.
  • Help others – The hardest thing to do is help someone you hate or aren’t happy with. But be the bigger person and don’t let your bad feelings drive your actions. Offer your help if you think you can do or complete the task better. Helping others can be the best source of eternal happiness. This happiness lasts forever and it makes you selfless.

These are the ways you can be happy about your rival’s success. It is not always easy to get forget that competitive feeling inside you but keep trying. Remember you have to be selfless to be happy. If you hold any grudge or give in to your negative feelings you will never attain happiness.