“You owe it to your body to treat it well. You take so much advantage of your body. You eat, drink, sleep, smile, travel, talk, and have sex- you use this body for everything. Then why not look after it so that you can use it longer? This is what I believe in.” – Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor who is in his 60s and a father of three grown-up kids, is full of energy and positivity. He still is being offered for main roles in the movies because of his smart-looking personality and young build-up. Many young actors look up to him and have often commented that he is one of the youngest actors who refuses to age. Forever young looking is not God’s gift to Anil Kapoor, he has taken necessary efforts to be forever young personality. He workout, he has controlled diet and also refuses to drink or smoke. Therefore, he is taking all the necessary care of his body. Here are his workout and diet routine.

Workout routine

· He is said to spend around two to three hours in the gym, which quite too much for people of his age but he is the most enthusiastic the person you’ll ever find so that’s quite normal for him.

· His compulsory morning exercise routine includes either cycling or jogging, to begin with, he does 10 minutes of cardio as a warm-up.

· He has also said that he works on different parts of his body every day and doesn’t focus on a particular body part. He also changes his workout routine According to his role in his next movie.

· He includes exercises like crunches, sit-ups, push-ups, chair squats, etc. In his workout regime. He has said that he also practices yoga.

Diet plan

· His day begins with a bottle of water empty stomach. He has a banana which provides him potassium, iron and carbs.

· He then has breakfast which includes mostly a sandwich that has lettuce, cabbage and egg. Sometimes he switches to cereals or oats.

· After breakfast, he is likely to have juice, especially apple juice or strawberry milkshake. He sometimes chooses to have black coffee.

· For lunch, the actor has boiled broccoli or celery. Sometimes he eats fish too.

· In the evening, he has a small portion of sandwich which contains ham, chicken and turkey.

· He keeps his dinner light which includes a proportionate amount of fish and chicken.

· He has said that he loves dairy products.

Other secrets:

· He counts his calories after every meal

· He avoids eating junk food

· He doesn’t opt for alcohol or smoking

· He drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated and have beautiful skin.

· He believes one must stay positive, happy and away from stress.

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