· Make your workout short and intense

Working out for hours can make your exercise routine boring and you might also not be able to give time for other activities. To make it interesting make your work out sessions short and increase the intensity of your workout. This way it won’t affect your fitness and will spare you time and also won’t bore you.

You can also try interval training. It will increase the intensity and also make your training more intense.

· Choose a different activity

If you do your exercises in the gym then for change go jogging or cycling. Change in activity will freshen up your mind and make work out session more interesting. Make it a habit to keep changing your activities so that your training doesn’t become monotonous and there’s always a bunch of variety in your fitness regime.

· Work out in nature

Go jogging, walking or cycling in nature. Go to a nearby park or any other place where there is a lot of greenery and fresh air. It will keep you motivated in working out and you will also enjoy the session and on top of that, it is very much healthy to breathe fresh air. You can also go to a park and do your squats and push-ups there.

· Add motivation

Sometimes work out becomes boring because you lack motivation. Think about the results you would get after working out and motivate yourself. You can also make work out interesting by buying yourself new gym clothing or other gym-related items. New things never fail to motivate us.

· Add competition

Include your friends in your workout routine and be competitive with them. The competition will definitely make your routine more interesting and will also motivate you to work out a little harder.

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