Your hair is an important part of your beauty, it enhances your beauty a lot. Having gorgeous hair is everyone’s dream and therefore, people use lots of hair products on their hair to get what they desire. With all the products with chemicals, you only damage your hair further. Therefore, you must engage in these home remedies and use these simple tricks while handling your hair every day.

· Washing

– While washing your hair, it’s a common belief to rub your hair to produce foam and thus properly cleansing the hair. However, when your rub your hair harshly the oil glands are activated and thus your desired results are not shown.

– Always slightly Massage your head with your fingertips while applying the shampoo.

– It is also recommended to mix the shampoo with water and make the foam and then just rinse your hair with that water with a slight massage to your scalp.

– Make sure your hair is completely wet before applying the shampoo

· Water temperature

– While washing your hair, it’s recommended to use lukewarm water.Hot water can damage your hair and make it frizzy, while cold water is incapable of cleansing the oil.

– However, after the washing is done it is always ideal to give a final wash with cold water, as it helps in closing the cuticle and improving blood circulation.

· Oil treatments

– The root is the healthiest part of the hair, which becomes more dehydrated the further it is from the scalp. The oil restores the content of each hair fibre making each one translucent again, producing that wonderful shine that healthy hair looks like.

– Always warm your hair oil before applying and then begin applying fro. The scalp coming down to the tips. Give your scalp a good massage as it will improve blood circulation in your head and thus making your roots stronger.

– Warm hair oil will also make your hair look smooth and shiny.

· Brushing

– While untangling your hair, it is recommended to begin from the tips and then go for the roots. If you change the order there are chances of breakage of hair.

– Use wide-tooth hairbrush while untangling your hair to make it easier.

· Hair products

– It is essential to know the condition of your scalp and hair to make the right choice of shampoo.

– Avoid using harsh shampoo on your hair, it might show effects in the beginning but will damage your hair eventually.

· Diet

– It’s important to remember that the proteins you eat are directly involved in keratin production.

– A slight change in your diet will show the effects on your hair, so keep hair healthy food as a part of your diet.

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