Below are some benefits of exercise to heart.

· Improves blood circulation

As exercise helps build the muscle of our body, it also helps in making the muscle of your heart more efficient and enables the heart to push more blood, which improves blood circulation. Due to exercise, your body absorbs more oxygen from the blood helping your heart to beat normally even in stressful situations.

· Lower blood pressure

As the blood circulation increases in our body, the heart pumps more blood at single beat due to which your heart beats slower and puts less pressure on your arteries, which eventually helps to lower your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure cardiovascular exercise can help you lower the pressure.

· Lower cholesterol

Exercise also helps you reduce LDL cholesterol which is considered as bad cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol which is considered good cholesterol. The high amount of bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease.

· Reduce the risk of heart attack

Regular exercise helps reduce fat, control cholesterol and diabetes which helps improve heart health. Exercise reduces the risk of heart attack by about 20%. It can also reduce other severe heart diseases.

· Helps to maintain blood sugar

Regular work out helps your body to manage blood sugar and insulin levels, which lowers your risk of type-2 diabetes. It also helps you maintain weight and reduce the risk of diabetes. Since obese people are at more risk of diabetes.

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