Many people tend to ignore the breakfast because they can’t wake up early and have very less time to get ready and they tend to skip breakfast, which is very wrong. If you don’t find time at home to have breakfast. Pack it and take it with you, eat in the office or on the way to the office. But you must never skip breakfast.

· Maintain weight

Studies have shown that when you have healthy breakfast, you tend to eat less in the other two meals, which help you maintain your weight and avoids the risk of obesity. If you skip breakfast you would be tempted to eat something unhealthy to deal with hunger. The snacks you might eat will be oily and contain sugar. That will add on to increase weight.

· Controls blood sugar

Eating breakfast keeps your blood sugar steady, whether you are diabetic or not. Low blood sugar can make you tired, grumpy, nervous and it can affect you even severely if you are diabetic. For a diabetic patient breakfast are must.

· Gives you enough energy until lunch

Your healthy breakfast should include carbs and proteins. Carbs will give you energy and proteins will nourish your brain. Your breakfast must also include vitamins and other nutrients. If you skip breakfast you might feel tired and hungry and won’t be able to concentrate at work.

· long term health benefits

Breakfast controls your blood sugar, it controls your weight, it therefore gives long term overall health benefits. Low fat helps you avoid heart-related disease. Controlled blood sugar helps you avoid diabetes and a healthy body helps you fight many other diseases.

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