With the global pandemic and many side effects of the pandemic, we all are overwhelmed by all the negative thoughts and are finding it difficult to breathe. With all the economic downturn, natural disasters, inhumanity and political clashes it has been difficult to look forward to something better. This year has been tough on all of us. But here’s a thing to remember, there’s always sunshine after the storm and it is beautiful. We all are going to overcome this situation together. All we need is to stay strong. Here are few things to do when you feel overwhelmed.

· Slow down

Slow down your thoughts, take a break from your work, it is the first thing you need to do when you feel overwhelmed. When you feel overwhelmed it is a signal from your body and mind to tell you to stop and relax. Your breath is your best friend that can help you calm down. To relax you must start meditating or breathing exercises and focus only on your breaths. This is the best way to slow down. When you slow down you let yourself think about it consciously, you try to understand the situation better. When you are overwhelmed there is a sense of no control over your life but when you calm down and relax you start to regain the control.

· Step back and reflect

Once you have slowed down, it’s time to step back and reflect on, what made you stress so much. Reflecting is a great way to deal with overwhelming, you tend to understand what went wrong, what should have been done, who can help you out etc. Taking time to reflect will also help you understand your situation and its effects on your body.

· Let it go

Once you have slowed down and reflected on your situation, it becomes easier for you to release your stress and let it go. If you have failed, if you had broken up or any such painful situation, it’s time to let it go and move on rather than letting it affect you and your health.

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