Your dressing at an interview shows your professionalism and gives the first impression of yourself to the employer.No matter how good you are on paper, if you don’t dress well the employer is surely going to judge you. It indicates that you don’t respect the job or the interviewer.

· First impression

The first impression is the best impression. Even if you feel you shouldn’t be judged on your appearance, you still are going to be judged on your appearance. The first glimpse of you should make the employer want to hire you. You should be neat, clean and well dressed. Dressing according to the job profile can be more beneficial as it implies your judgement skills.

· Boosts your confidence

Dressing right will surely make you feel like a professional and boost your confidence. It is said that your dress decides your mood. So when you wear a professional outfit you feel like a professional and you act like a professional. Your confidence will help you get that job.

· Shows professionalism

Dressing appropriately shows that you are willing to follow the standards and rules. It makes you look professional. The employer finds it fascinating that you are dressed in a proper manner. It also indicates that if you have to go for a meeting with a client you are appearance-wise perfect.

· Respect towards job

Dressing in the right manner shows that you are serious about the job and you are putting efforts to get this job. It also shows that you are physically perfect for the job. You can study about the company in advance and find out what employees wear at work. You can choose your outfit accordingly.