· Malaika Arora says, “ I don’t believe in any of the fad diets I read and hear about. I just follow simple principles when it comes to my diet” she believes in eating anything but healthy and moderately. She has shared that she loves homemade food and avoids eating food high on calories. She keeps herself well outdated throughout the day with water, coconut water and fruits or vegetable juices.

· Her day begins with warm lemon water along with honey and after about 30 minutes she drinks a litre of water that helps her detoxify her body. After that she has her breakfast wherein she compulsory has 1 bowl of fresh fruits and complements it with Idli, upma or poha or multigrain toast with egg whites.

· Her lunch is mainly brown rice and/or rotis along with vegetables and sprout salad, she also has chicken or fish sometimes.

· She has one peanut butter sandwich for her evening snack, her other snack consists of nuts and fruits.

· Post-workout she eats one banana and protein shake

· Her dinner is early wherein she has a bowl of soup and steamed veggies and salad. She avoids carbs for dinner.

Work out:

· The beauty never misses her work out session. She hits the gym every day and it is evident with her Instagram posts. She is also involved in Yoga, which is her current favourite. However, here’s her work out regime.

· She begins her work out session with a 20-minute cardio session as it was great for boosting metabolism and thus losing weight. Thrice a week she visits the gym for her weight and strength training session.

· The other three days her workout consists of Yoga and Pilates for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. She also dances and swims as a fun part of her fitness regime.

· Malaika highly recommends power walking as according to her it helps to get a toned body and muscular shape but also helps to increase the stamina.

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