Every person on earth has resorted to taking pills once in his lifetime. you can’t avoid them even if you don’t like them, because you are ill or injured. Sometimes the pain is just unbearable and painkillers seem to be an ideal option. Surely medication helps us fight illnesses and recover quickly. But when you adopt this practice for little sickness you get, that’s where it can create a paradox and pills can actually harm us.

  1. Some medicines come with their side effects. If we consume that medication in large quantity the side effects can be severe.
  2. When you take a pill along with the water it breaks down in your throat itself. The medication then affects and damages the oesophagus.
  3. If you depend on Crocin or Paracetamol for every little condition it can increase your liver weight. Consuming it too often can give you skin rashes, blisters and allergic reactions.
  4. Paracetamol can also cause kidney and liver problems. Overuse can also lead to gastrointestinal bleeding and cardiovascular problems.
  5. If you consume antidepressants for some reason, its abusive use can cause urinary incontinence. Similarly, an oral contraceptive pill can create a similar problem.
  6. Once you start depending on pills for everything, you make it a habit and become addicted. Pill addiction is one of the major substance abuse people adapt to.
  7.  Not only physically but constant medication also has ill effects on the brain. You lose focus and concentration and this may also cause you depression.

If you get into a bad accident or suffer from a serious illness, it is mandatory that you take all the prescribed drugs and medication. But do not depend on pills if you have a toothache or cut yourself. If you have a fever or cough it may probably just a harmless flue that goes away if you rest. If you must visit your doctor but don’t resort to crocin or paracetamol directly. However effectively or safe it may be, it is still a drug and all drugs must be consumed with prescription only.