Do you ever wonder about getting old and get scared that you will be dying someday? Does every birthday remind you that you are close to becoming an adult or an old man and you don’t even realize how time passes? If yes, then you are not the only one to think so! Almost everyone thinks about stuff like this. And then we conclude that how lucky are those fictional superheroes who don’t age at all and can live forever. But we humans aren’t blessed with same powers nor do we have a magic potion that makes us young again.

From the beginning itself, scientists have looked at ageing as a long incurable disease that eventually makes us old and leads to our death. Many scientists have even managed to find techniques that enhance our DNA to make us live longer. But it’s not developed adequately or proven to be 100% true. Now some experts also say that it is practically impossible to stop ageing and live longer than one can. But again, science never fails to amaze us. Maybe in some years, some scientist might actually find a way out of dying.

But meanwhile, to intensify our living capacities and try to live as long as we can, there are some ideas we can try. Calorie restriction has proven to be effective and helpful in living longer. Sticking to healthy food and exercise daily helps us increases our immunity and hence add some extra years to our life. Only eat homemade food. Strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs or any other harmful substance. These substances damage your internal organs reducing your life. Have frequent health check-ups. Keep a habit of performing blood tests if you fall sick too often. Get wholesome sleep every day and try to laugh every day. Laughter is the best medicine!! No one can guarantee you immortality, but you sure can enhance your body to live longer.