Yoga is not all about flexibility and meditation, there are numerous other benefits of yoga and weight loss is one of them. So if you can lose weight through yoga why can’t you reduce belly fat? Definitely, you can reduce your tummy through yoga. Here are some yoga asana that can help you reduce your belly fat.

· Bhujangasana

Also known as ‘The cobra pose’ is a reclining back bending asana. This asana is said to strengthen your abdominal area and to relax your lower back. It is a part of Surya namesake. Here is a video of how to do a cobra pose.

· Kumbhakasana

Also known as ‘The plank’ is similar to the plank in normal exercise wherein the person lifts his body on straightened hands and toes. It’s one of the best asana to lose belly fat. It strengthens your upper body, wrists, arms and tones your abdomen. Here’s how to do it

· Dhanurasana

Also, know as ‘the bow pose’, it seems very easy but is very challenging to do it perfectly however with practice our body becomes more flexible. In this asana the person sleeps on the abdomen and holds his feet with his arms by bending knees. It is a great exercise for your core strengthening and thus helps burn belly fat. Check this out

· Ustrasana

Also known as ‘the camel pose’, this asana is slightly difficult and should only be carried out if the person doesn’t have any back issue. In this asana a person sits with his knees folded and hips vertical to knees and hold his heels with his hands by arching back. Here’s how to do it.

· Naukasana

Also known as ‘the boat pose’, it is comparatively easy but requires a good amount of balance. It works amazingly on your sides and tummy muscles. Seat and raise your legs straight in a V-shape and up to 45° angle is created and stretch your hands straight facing the front. Here’s how to do it.

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