Read this article to learn about exercises to lose belly fat

1. Cycling

Cycling is a low impact cardio exercise. On an average a 30 minutes bike ride can burn up to 300-500 calories, depending upon speed and intensity. Cycling helps you lose that extra fat from your belly.

2. Crunches

Crunch is the most popular abdominal exercise. It involves abs and abdominal muscles. It helps in shedding belly fat and tightening the belly.

Lie down and bend your one knee. Put your hands behind your head for support. Now gently lift your head and shoulders hold for a while and then relax. Don’t push your back against the floor. Also, don’t lift your lower back, it stays on the floor.

3. Running or jogging

Running, jogging and walking are the best exercises to shed the extra fat. It is also friendly to pocket as you only need a pair of good shoes. Running and jogging among the three can be very helpful but walking is also good. A mere 45-60 minutes of walking daily can do wonders.

4. Bicycle exercise

Bicycle exercise can help you lose belly fat along with making your abdominal muscles strong. Because it requires more of abdominal muscle activity and abdomen stabilisation.

Lie on your back with hands being your head. Raise your knees up to your chest and lift head and shoulders off the ground. Bring right elbow to your left knee and straighten the right leg. Continue this alternately with each leg.

5. Mountain climber

Mountain climber is a moving plank exercise as it works on your core and also other body muscles. It can be of great help to reduce belly fat.

Get into a high plank position, placing your wrist in line with shoulders. Keep your core tight drawing your belly in your spine. Draw your right leg near to your chest and then bring back to plank. Follow this alternately with each leg.