“Unconditional love”. Sounds like fantasy and worth running after. The word itself suggests that love here is pure and free of any conditions or selfish reasons. This almost brings an urge to have a partner if you are single or express solid affection towards your partner if you have a partner. But hold it, it is way different than how it sounds. Part of it may sound delicious but part of it has a dark side. Purchasing the fantasy that it’s plausible to adore unconditional love will keep you permanently feeling lacking. Definitely, give genuine love to infants and little youngsters. But beyond that, are you willing to sacrifice your heartful feelings and give up on your moral values and standard?

Unconditional love hints that denial is an awful thing. All the limits, issues, sentiments, even clash, is terrible, on the grounds that we ought to appreciate everything. Happy relationships must work through those issues in a developed, positive way of arranging the proper sensible conditions for an adequate experience of affection between two accomplices. From a different perspective, if your partner loves you unconditionally, you will be free to treat him or her any manner that you seem appropriate. You will lie, cheat, manipulate or exploit them just because they don’t question your statements. That certainly is not peaceful since you are running the relationship on a false path.

Unconditional love was never meant for couples in love. It was termed to be used to display or express a mother’s love for her child or pet’s love towards his owner. A relationship was never supposed to have unconditional or selfless love. In fact, sacrificing too much in a relationship is toxic as well. When love covers your eyes, you fail to see that your virtues and principles that make you what you are, are being taken away. You blindly follow every condition put forth on you just to avoid a fight or the thought that your partner might get hurt. What you fail to see here is you are getting hurt too, your inner peace is being taken away slowly and eventually you are no longer you. You become a puppet or a person driven by his emotions and easy to manipulate. Hence loving unconditionally is fine as long as it stays away from your relationship where just normal love is fine as well!!!