Yoga is an ancient practice that helps a man stay fit and fight against many illnesses. Yoga has many other benefits too like it makes your body flexible, it improves your concentration and also keeps your fitness intact. Many people are now joining yoga classes as their part of a fitness regime. If you are planning to join yoga, here are a few ancient secrets about yoga, you should always remember.

1. A good amount of physical labour

These days people don’t do much of physical labour. People go to places in their luxurious cars, have maids at their home to do their chores and even machines have made it very easy for men to laze around. However, yoga says there should be a good amount of physical labour each day. If your life has become an automatic take time from your schedule and go for a walk or jogging or involve yourself in some kind of physical labour.

2. Count on your intention and intuition rather than counting calories

Eating with intention includes mindful eating in a pleasant and calm environment. Including healthy food in your diet is necessary even if it contains fats that are good fats. It’s important that you don’t deprive yourself of satisfying food for the sake of calories. When you eat good fats like ghee, olive oil or coconut oil they might even help reduce your cravings and thus reducing chances of binge eating. If you are finding it difficult to manage your stressors, take a step back practice deep breathing and make sure you have a balanced diet without letting the guilt or cravings overtake your diet choices.

3. Sleep only when you feel like sleeping

Lazing around and sleeping all day is strictly forbidden in ancient yoga. According to yoga, one must sleep only when he feels like sleeping and should spend all his day in sleep. A good sleep arrives only after a day of hard work. So work all day so that at night you’ve peaceful sleep and won’t face any sleeping problems.

4. Eat only when you are hungry and practice regular fasting

Similar to sleeping, one must eat only when one is hungry. Avoid eating because you have it in front of you. We must remember, food is prepared to satisfy our hunger and we must not eat food for any other, reasons. If you want to stay in shape, eat as much as your body requires to survive. Overeating is not a good habit. Yoga also says that one must practise regular fasting to use the restored energy in the form of fats and let out all the toxins.

5. Regular meditation

Ancient yoga suggests meditation is a must. Every morning before beginning your day everyone must sit and meditate for at least a few minutes. Meditation improves one’s focus and imposes mindfulness in the person. There are many other benefits of meditation and thus must be practised daily without fail.

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