In a serious and stressful situation, the very first human instinct is panic. But severe panics and anxiety can lead to an emotional breakdown which may affect your mental health negatively in the long run. While keeping your calm and thinking peacefully when under stress may seem difficult at first, it is not impossible.

1) Try to slow down and not react to any intense situation immediately. Stay patient and try to gather all information relating to the situation from everyone involved before reacting. Try not to think of yourself as an active participant and try to think from the perspective of another party.

2) One of the best ways to stay calm and peaceful is to stay positive during a stressful situation. Stress can lead to multiple negative thoughts pop up in your head. Take a moment and try to divert your thoughts towards the positive side. This helps one to calm down and feel a little less stressed.

3) During a stressful situation, avoid asking yourself “what if” questions. The answer to these questions is the last thing you want while coping with stress. It will only make matters worse.

4) Reach out to your friends or family. Whoever you feel comfortable with, call them or meet them up and pour your heart into them. This will reduce the stress to some extent.

5) Take a break- When dealing with a stressful situation, take some time off from the situation. Simply disconnect. Even if it’s for a few hours, it helps to calm oneself down and think more peacefully and clearly.

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